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Boost Note is a document driven project management tool
that maximizes remote DevOps team velocity
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Just a few of the things that you can do...
Agile team | Boost Note
For agile teams

Organize your dev team's sprint backlog and visualize them with progress status, assignees, reviewers, due date and everything you need.

Reduce repeated progress updates in the company chat and standup meetings.

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Technical specifications | Boost Note
Technical specifications

Write overviews of systems including concepts, terminology definitions and description of how these concepts work together.

Having a 'living document' to help drive dialogue and exchange of ideas through collaboration helps this process significantly.

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Knowledge base
Knowledge base

It’s time to aggregate your knowledge in a single place.

Build a team-wide knowledge management system to solve the information silos.

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Designed for Developer Teams

Maximize developer team's velocity with document centric workflow
Realtime Collaboration
Collaborate with your teammates in a doc with Boost Note's real-time editing.
Powerful markdown
Powerful Markdown Editor
Boost Note's editor makes it easy to write a tech spec with Charts.js, Mermaid, Latex, PlantUML and so on.
Multi views | Boost Note
Multiple Views
Add different views such as Kanban, Table, Calendar and etc depending on the circumstances and build your workflow.
Customize your docs with progress status, assignees, reviewers, due date and everything you need.
Multi devices
Multi Platform
Collaboration happens from anywhere, anytime. Choose your favorite env from web, desktop and mobile apps.
Public API
Manage your docs programatically. You can easily issue an authentication token and access Boost Note's APIs via simple HTTP requests.
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Way to use Boost Note

From the first day to every day, teams use Boost Note to solve problem, stay connected and always know they're in the know.
Spec editor
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Knowledge base
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Meeting minutes
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Agile dev teams
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Remote dev teams
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Feedback portal
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Integrated with your tools

Boost Note keeps everyone aligned and working more efficiently.
Developers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool.
Connect with 4,000+ tools using Zapier
Integrate external tools via Zapier and automate your workflow. Boost Note can emit events to other apps and listen to external events to update documents.
Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools
Repetitive communications and manual workflows to combat burnout. Your team has enough on their plates- Boost Note's integrations centralize your product info from 3rd party DevOps tools to maximize developer's velocity.