Collaborate easily,
in real-time.

Boost Note is a collaborative real-time markdown note app
for developer teams.

Designed for Developers

Built to empower developers productivity
with the most solid note taking experience for developers.

A versatile Markdown editor

Not just a GitHub flavored markdown. Put diagrams with Charts.js, Mermaid, and PlantUML in documents to maximize visibility.

IDE like search

Hit cmd/ctrl+P to open the Fuzzy search modal, and Boost Note will help you find the document you need. You can also find documents by using the full-text search too!

Make your own note app

Customize keymaps like Vim, choose from over 150 themes for code block and editor, adjust indents, and more to create your own Markdown editor.

Customize your workflow

Grab an authentication token and access Boost Note's APIs via simple HTTP requests. You can also automate your work with over 2,000 external tool integrations via Zapier.

Access info within 5 seconds

Boost Note is a developer-friendly workspace with IDE-like UX. It provides the following features focusing on information management and searchability.

Document Property

Document Property feature allows you to organize documents more flexibly and more intelligently. You can find documents quickly by using filters such as updated dates and the status of the document.

Smart Folder

The smart folder will filter all documents in Boost Note according to conditions such as document information and properties you set and assemble all documents that meet these conditions in one folder.

Rich Searchability

One of the key features to achieve this goal is fuzzy search. Once you start typing your keyword, Boost Note shows you the documents/folders, including that keyword in the title.


Collaborate with your colleagues and share information your way.

Multiple teams

Have all your teams in one shared workspace.

Realtime coauthoring

Write documents as a team with Boost Note's realtime editing.

Version history

Check revision history of a doc. You can easily roll back to one of the previous versions in one click.

Access control

Keep your important data safe through granula access control based on workspace.

Public url for sharing docs

Generate a public URL for a document and share it with guests such as clients, partners and so on.

Bi-directional doc link

Connect related documents by embedding document blocks.

Integrated with your tools

Boost Note keeps everyone aligned and working more efficiently.
Developers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool.

Preview and embed 3rd party contents in document.

Embed external tools like a Figma, Miro, and so on by pasting its iframe embed script.

Connect with 2000+ tools using Zapier

Integrate external tools via Zapier and automate your workflow. Boost Note can emit events to other apps and listen to external events to update documents.

See GitHub status inside document

Embed GitHub issues and pull requests by pasting their URLs. Preview your team’s progress in document.

Get started with
Boost Note today.

Boost Note is a powerful, lightspeed collaborative workspace for developer teams.

To be a part of community

Our community of developers backs Boost Note. It has gained a lot of attention on GitHub and supported by tons of contributors over 200 countries and regions. Our community always welcomes you. Be part of us!

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