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Realtime collaboration with powerful markdown editor
Powerful markdown

Powerful Markdown Editor

Boost Note's editor makes it easy to write a tech spec with Charts.js, Mermaid, Latex and PlantUML among others.

Technical specifications | Boost Note

Realtime Collaboration

Collaborate with your teammates in a doc with Boost Note's real-time editing.

Customize your document with rich properties. You'll be able to visualize your docs with progress status, assignees, reviewers, due date and everything you need.
Version history
Version History
Check revision history of a doc. You can easily roll back to one of the previous versions in one click.
Comments and Mentions
Add comments to the whole document or specific parts of it, and mention members to let know.
Embed 3rd party contents
Embed external entities like a Youtube video by pasting its iframe embed script. You can also embed GitHub issues and pull requests by pasting their urls.


Maximize developer's velocity with document centric workflow
Multi devices
Multi Platform
Collaboration happens from anywhere, anytime. Choose your favorite env from web, desktop and mobile apps.
Filter your docs with properties and archive them in a dashboard. You'll be able to access info within 5 seconds.
Public API
Manage your docs programatically. You can easily issue an authentication token and access Boost Note's APIs via simple HTTP requests.
Import and export
Importing and Exporting
Import your existing documents from other tools and export documents from Boost Note into pdf, html and markdown files.
IDE like search
Hit cmd/ctrl+P to open the Fuzzy search modal, and Boost Note will help you find the document you need.
Folder Structure
With Boost Note's IDE-like folder structure, you'll be able to create folders as many as you need and nest them flexibly to organize your docs easily.

Integrated with your tools

Boost Note keeps everyone aligned and working more efficiently.
Developers, designers, and peers – all collaborating in one tool.
Create Miro cards and create tagged documents.
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Submit a pull request and insert a row in your document.
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When new Trello card is created, create a document.
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Add a new issue and create a new document.
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Click emoji reaction on the Slack and create a document.
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Create an event on calendar and create a document.
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Create a new room and create new document.
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Create a new room and create new document.
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When new card is created, create a document.
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Added new functions on AWS, and append content.
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New job status notification, and update document.
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Submit a pull request and insert a row in your document.
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Way to use Boost Note

From the first day to every day, teams use Boost Note to solve problem, stay connected and always know they're in the know.
Spec Editor
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Knowledge Base
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Meeting Minutes
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Product Backlog
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Remote Dev Teams
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Personal Notes
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Bring all of your documents

Boost Note supports importing document from other wiki services such as Notion, Confluence, Evernote, Dropbox Paper, Quip, etc and file formats for Markdown and Text.
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