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Status monitoring for all stakeholders

With Boost Note's dashboard, you'll be able to customize and share tailored views with stakeholders to progress status, assignees, reviewers, due date and everything.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools

Repetitive communication and manual workflows is a source of burnout. Your team has enough on their plates- Boost Note's integrations centralize your product info from 3rd party DevOps tools to maximize developer's velocity.

Customize your document with rich properties. You'll be able to visualize your docs with progress status, assignees, reviewers, due date and everything you need.
Smart Views
Filter your docs with properties and archive them in a smart views. You'll be able to access info within 5 seconds.
Realtime editing
Unlimited Members
You'll be able to invite as many members as you need and collaborate with them in real-time on the editor.
4,000+ integrations
Integrate external tools via Zapier and automate your workflow. Boost Note can emit events to other apps and listen to external events to update documents.


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Markdown Co-authoring
Write documents as a team with Boost Note's realtime editing.
Multi devices
Multi Platform
Collaboration happens from anywhere, anytime. Choose your favorite env from web, desktop and mobile apps.
Comments and Mentions
Add comments to the whole document or specific parts of it, and mention members to let know.
Import and export
Importing and Exporting
Import your existing documents from other tools and export documents from Boost Note into pdf, html and markdown files.
Developer Friendly UI/UX
There are many management tools out there, but it's not always developer-friendly. Boost Note offers a customizable workspace based on developer's needs.
Public API
Manage your docs programatically. You can easily issue an authentication token and access Boost Note's APIs via simple HTTP requests.

Way to use Boost Note

From the first day to every day, teams use Boost Note to solve problem, stay connected and always know they're in the know.
Spec editor
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Knowledge base
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Meeting minutes
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Agile dev teams
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Remote dev teams
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Feedback portal
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Bring all of your documents

Boost Note supports importing document from other wiki services such as Notion, Confluence, Evernote, Dropbox Paper, Quip, etc and file formats for Markdown and Text.
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