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Trusted by many, Boost Note for Teams powers developer teams all around the world. Explore which option is right for you.

For Individuals

Unlimited documents
1 member
File system based storage
10 docs per team
Unlimited members
1GB storage per member
Personal Pro
per month
For individuals who unlock all features
1 member
Unlimited documents
10GB storage
Revision history
Guest invite
Password/Expiration date for sharing

For Teams

per member
per month
For teams who unlock all features
Everything in Personal Pro, plus
Collaborative workspace
Unlimited member
10GB storage per member
Priority support

In Detail

Free (Local)Free (Cloud)Personal ProPro
File system based storage
DocumentsUnlimited10 per teamUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage limitStores in your device1 GB per member10 GB10 GB per member
Integrations2000+ integrations2000+ integrations2000+ integrations
Collaborative workspace
Revision History
Guest invite
Password/Expiration date for sharing
Priority support

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Questions & Answers

How is the Free Plan different from the Personal Pro and Pro Plans?

The biggest difference is how you can collaborate with others.

The Free Plan and Personal Pro plan are designed for individual use, but the difference between these two is the limitation of the cloud storage size, number of documents, and unlocked features. With the Free Plan, you have 1GB of cloud storage per member, and each team can have 10 cloud documents. On the other hand, the Personal Pro plan allows you to have 10GB of cloud storage for you, and you can create as many documents as you want. And also, you can use revision history with the Personal Pro Plan.

With the Pro Plan, you can unlock the revision history and not have a limitation of the team size and documents amount, and each team member can have 10GB of storage. It means you can share documents freely and collaborate with your members in a much more flexible way.

See the plan comparison chart for more details.

What happens when I go over the limit on my Free Plan?

You can still create local documents, but you cannot create new cloud documents in that team anymore.

If you want to use Boost Note individually, upgrade to the Personal Pro Plan for unlimited documents. And if you want to collaborate with the same group of people and share more documents, upgrade to the Pro Plan to remove the limitation.

How do I try out the Personal Pro and Pro Plan for free?

After you signed up, go to "Settings & Members." Then go to the Upgrade menu from the side navigation, and you will see the "Try it for free" link. You'll get a free trial for two whole weeks, and you don't have to put card information during the trial period.

What happens when the Personal Pro and Pro trial is over?

Your created documents will be safe, but you cannot create a new cloud document until you upgrade to the Personal Pro or Pro Plan. You can upgrade it from the "Settings & Members" in the side navigation.

How is pricing calculated for the Personal Plan and the Pro Plan?

If you upgrade to the Personal Pro Plan, you will be charged $3 monthly. And when you add another member, it will be upgraded to the Pro Plan automatically, and you will be charged $8 per member monthly. For example, if you have 3 members in your team, you will be charged $8 x 3 members = $24 per month.

Guests are free of charge – but they can only access individual documents they are invited to and cannot edit documents.

How does adding and removing members work?

Your account may be charged monthly if you make these types of changes. If you added members, your account would be charged a prorated amount based on the percentage of the billing cycle left when each member was added. If you removed members, your account would be credited in the same way.

What is the difference between members and guest members?

Members are the people with Boost Note account to collaborate with you privately on any page. Guest members don't have an account, but they can access and read your document if you make it public and share the URL of the document.

Can I delete documents and attachments to free up my limit?

No problem! If you delete something, you will free up space for more. Make sure if you don't need that document/attachment anymore or not before you delete it.

Can I belong to multiple teams on Boost Note?

Yes, you can use the same email address to create and join multiple teams. However, each one of these workspaces is on its own plan and needs to be upgraded individually.

What happens if I cancel my paid plan?

When you cancel your plan, all of the features related to that plan will be canceled right away, and you won't be charged from the next month.

How is my payment being processed?

We use Stripe to process your payment, and we do not handle your credit card information directly. It's the same payment provider used by famous products such as Slack, Shopify, and Lyft.

Check out their website for more information:

What happens if my payment fails?

If the payment did not succeed, you would be downgraded to the free plan automatically.

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