Your workspace, your way.

Centralize your team's information and knowledge.


Work as one with your teammates.

  • Real-time coauthoring in Markdown

    Write documents as a team with Boost Note's realtime editing.

  • Shared documents for guest

    Generate a public URL for a document and share it with guests such as clients, partners and so on.

  • Workspace access control

    Keep your important data safe through granual access control based on workspace.

  • Support Diagrams

    Put diagrams in your documents to maximize your presentation. Charts.js, Mermaid, and PlantUML are supported.


Open up your development process.

  • Public API

    Manage your documents programatically. You can easily issue an authentication token and access Boost Note's APIs via simple HTTP requests.

  • 2000+ 3rd party app integrations

    Integrate external tools via Zapier and automate your workflow. Boost Note can emit events to other apps and listen to external events to update documents.


Keep work organized with your team.

  • Bi-directional Document Linking

    Connect related documents by embedding document blocks. The blocks will show a preview of the documents. Back links are also generated to connected documents so you can traverse back and forth easily.

  • Embed 3rd party contents

    Embed external entities like a Youtube video by pasting its iframe embed script. You can also embed GitHub issues and pull requests by pasting their urls.

  • Version history

    Check revision history of a document. Boost Note automatically stores all changes for every document. If you find a broken document, you can easily roll back to one of the previous versions in one click.

  • Importing and exporting

    Import your existing documents from other tools and export documents from Boost Note into pdf, html and markdown files.

Bring all of your documents

Boost Note supports importing document from other wiki services such as Notion, Confluence, Evernote, Dropbox Paper, Quip, etc and file formats for Markdown and Text.

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